A unique test bench for anyinterfaces track/vehicle(traction/guidance, wear testcontact…), located in Grenoble(France).

Designing of U-Shaped Linear Induction Motor (U-LIM) for specific applications.

Traction / braking / Launcher system, above 1 MW / 300 km/h.

U-CARS® : U-LIM Containers Autonomous Rail Shuttle

U-TRACE® : U-LIM Tracked Air Cushion Equipment for passenger transportation

U-LAUNCHER® : Electromagnetic Aircraft Launcher and ground booster.

A world unique test track equipped to validate full scale high power linear traction systems.

The wheel

The large diameter of the wheel test bench (13m diameter) offers almost 41m peripheral track, with an inertia equivalent of a 25tons vehicle. Maximum safe speed 400km/h, Currently conditioned for 300km/h.

The purpose

The wheel is used to validate full scale traction guidance systems, and any interfaces for contact or contactless vehicle (energy transmission, wear test contact, reliability and safety test…), up to very high speed.

TACV Lab is structured to design and validate U-linear motor (U-LIM) drive systems for special applications such as linear boosters and high speed linear brakes.

Calculation code and designing data base (exclusivelicense right of the UGE / University Gustave Eiffel) issued from several full scale tested motors.

Today about 200 U-shaped linear induction motors are operating in several national city airports (Nantes, Bordeaux, Bastia).

A world unique test facility for the development and validation of full scale linear motors powered by their traction chains and safety brake system, equipped with track-vehicle interfaces, including guidance system.

Design and validation of booster-launcher systems using linear motor drives for special applications.


U-LIM Containers Autonomous Railway Shuttle

Articulated autonomous wagons, for containerized freight, to cross gradients of up to 10% at 50km/h, with a payload of 105t.


U-LIM TRacked Air Cushion Equipment

Interurban passenger transport system, ultralight, contactless and powered by a high-efficiency linear induction motor.


U-LIM Launcher system

EMAL System for heavy drones: Electromagnetic catapult, take-off aid launcher for heavy drones (up to 5 tons).

About TACV Lab

Franco-Brazilian industrial start-up for transport systems powered by U-shaped linear induction motors (U-LIM).

Head Quarter in Paris:
101 Avenue du Général Leclerc
75685 Paris Cedex 14

Test bench in Grenoble:
69 Rue Léon Jouhaux
38000 Grenoble

Subsidiary in São Paulo / Brasil:
TACV d.s.t. Ltda
Alameda Jau, 555, Cjt 162
CEP 01420-001 Jardim Paulista / São Paulo / SP – Brasil


TACV Lab is an industrial startup, focused on innovation, that carries an historical expertise and exclusive technical means, to secure breakthrough technological transportation solutions.

Our test bench allows the safe dimensioning and the secured experimental validation of new transportation solutions, reducing the duration of real track tests, enabling a higher performance reliability of the innovative systems, reducing the financial risk associated, thanks to an accurate development costs control.

TACV Lab aims to develop de-carbonized systems in their operational modes, with low energy consumption, low maintenance cost, reduced footprint and optimization of the materials mass used.

Safety, Performances, Low cost, Resilience, Low footprint, and Energy optimization are our key criterias for innovative transportation systems.

Our Team

Fabrice Daniel


Founding President of TACV Lab. Co-founder and president of TACV Lab SAS in September 2019.

Gérard Coquery


Stéphane Mattei


Philippe Bertin


Severino Dutra Neto

IT Director

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