An experimental validation tool for the development of transport systems and very high-speed ground/vehicle interfaces.

Grenoble wheel laboratory test bench for innovative transport systems. R&D centre for asynchronous linear motors.

  • A unique expertise :

The result of several years of research and experimental validation in the calculation of sizing and design, with an industrial partner (Celduc Industries), for the manufacture of high-power induction linear motors, in a speed range of up to 300km/h.

  • An exceptional test bench :

A test track consisting of a large wheel with three flywheels, one of which has 13 m diameter capable of exceeding a peripheral speed of 300 km/h (safety designed for 400 km/h), to test and validate:

  • high-power asynchronous linear motors
  • full-size linear motors traction/braking, powered by PWM inverter
  • Track/vehicle interfaces up to high speed.
  • Competitive and environmentally friendly industrial applications:

Research and experimental evaluation centre for a specific transport system (characterisation of ground/vehicle interfaces, sensors, energy transfer interfaces, etc.).  Design and validation of back-up/launcher systems using linear induction motors, for special applications (road, rail and aeronautics).

The railways allow the fixing of light equipment distributed over the perimeter 40.8m The largest diameter of 13m is equipped with a road and rail track (1/4 scale)