TACV Lab. is a Startup dedicated to technological innovation for transportation systems, powered by a linear induction engine « U » shape (LIM-U).

TACV Lab, benefits from the experiences gained by the IRT and INRETS and offers realistic innovations based on asynchronous linear engines, up to their industrial validations.

Our team

Fabrice Daniel :
Founding President of TACV d.s.t. (TACV Brazil) and CEO of TACV Lab. (TACV France). Resident in Brazil since 1998, on behalf of the Geodis International Management Group (SNCF Group), Fabrice signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with Geodis Projets France in 2006 and joined the capital of WV Logistics, a Brazilian company specialized in Industrial Logistics Projects. After the creation of TACV d.s.t. Ltda (TACV Brasil) in 2014, to promote TACV new transportation concept systems, Fabrice was nominated president of TACV Lab (TACV France) in September 2019.

Gérard Coquery :
Founding Partner and COO at TACV Lab., Emeritus Director of Research at the UGE. Gérard was one of the main leaders of the INRETS U-LIM Programme (now called UGE), funded by the French government between 1973 and 1986.
As a founding partner of TACV Lab., Gérard is responsible for the development of U-LIM linear induction propulsion, including the design, manufacture and integration of the U-Trace Program’s traction/braking system, in collaboration with Celduc Industries.

Dutra Neto de Morais :
Founding partner and IT director of TACV Lab., Dutra is a Brazilian entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the technology innovation segment, in the field of transport and communications; Architect of Intragov, the intranet of the Sao Paulo State Government, one of the largest internal administrative networks in the world; Dutra is also the founder of MasterSoft-iT and Quanta-iT, with more than 25 years of experience and projects related to digital technology, acting for public and private markets.

Stéphane Mattei :
Founding partner and administrative and CFO of TCAV Lab., Stéphane is an entrepreneur graduated from Accounting Expertise, he has been supporting companies in their development for more than twenty years. He provides administrative, legal, tax, accounting and social support and is passionate about Start-up development, thanks to his expertise and knowledge about SMEs and TPEs. Fan of new technologies, he is constantly looking for new procedures to secure and simplify everyday life.

Philippe Bertin :
Founding Partner, CDO of TACV Lab. and Managing Director of Equitis Management, Philippe has an extensive experience in the field of fund management. After six years as CEO of WP COM, an investment holding company, he became Managing Director of Finovelec SA in 1997 and took charge of the holdings until the creation of Equitis Management in 2002 with two partners.